Attempts at optimism

Not what you might expect.

By Claudia
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2011 is over, and it was quite a year. I did this sort of thing a year ago, and I thought it would be nice to end the year in a similar fashion. It’s hard to pick just 5 moments of this year (and some may qualify as experiences) but, in no particular order, here we go:

1. Opening the letter that informed me I had qualified as a Chartered Town Planner.

2. Meeting Chris.

3. Sitting in Sheep Meadow of New York’s Central Park reading The Great Gatsby.

4. Sitting on the floor of Earls Court drinking ale at the Great British Beer Festival.

5. Standing in the Indian Ocean watching the sunset.

The last month of 2011 was pretty good.

1. I knitted a T.A.R.D.I.S.

2. I caught up with old friends.

3. I dressed in drag (as a Beastie Boy) for a party.

4. I co-cooked an incredible Christmas dinner.

5. I stood on top of a volcano in Lanzarote.

Today I felt a little bit sad, so I decided to write a list of things I truly love.

1. Making tea using a teapot. It adds a sense of ceremony to tea drinking.

2. Learning how to do anything new that is in the slightest bit artistic or crafty.

3. Having a thought-provoking and challenging debate that you didn’t expect at all.

4. My colleagues being genuinely nice.

5. Hugs from my Mum.

6. Finding something new or interesting that I never knew about in Birmingham.

7. Having my back stroked.

8. Yellow flowers.

9. Real ale.

10. Being hopeful about the future.

What a month that was. I…

1. Drank beer at the Great British Beer Festival, and ended up joining CAMRA.

2. Got caught up in the Birmingham riots, and provided a safehouse to waifs and strays.

3. Took some direct feminist action in going to UK Feminista’s excellent Summer School.

4. Successfully made something using a sewing machine.

5. Laughed a lot.  

I did these things:

1. Saw some very interesting and moving theatre at

2. Went dancing.

3. Did a lot of crafting, including baking a cake.

4. Had picnics in the sunshine.

5. Spent some wonderful time with old and new friends alike.

I packed a lot into June. I…

1. Won a fancy haircut.

2. Didn’t embarrass myself at a team barbeque. Big improvement on last year.

3. I saw James Blake play some wonderful music to a very confused crowd.

4. Visited friends around the country.

5. Had loads of fun. 


1. I passed my APC and became a fully qualified planner. MRTPI, yo.

2. I started learning about art. I really, really like it.

3. I ate a lot of yummy food.

4. I saw Avenue Q and it was hilarious.

5. I visited my very close friend in New York freaking City, and it was spectacular.

Hope is Important

Made me feel like I was 16 again.

Some things I did in April:

1. Went to Glasgow, and had an awesome time.

2. Went to Bristol, and had an awesome time.

3. Cooked a lot of delicious meals.

4. Enjoyed not spending much time at work. Thank you, bank holidays.

5. Spent time with good people. I know I list this as one of the things I do pretty much every month but it’s important to me.


My best friend.  Necropolis.  Yogi Chai tea and knitting at Tchai Ovna.  Hunting for vintage bargains in boutiques and markets.  Bier Halle.  Impromptu picnics.  Dancing.