Attempts at optimism

Not what you might expect.

By Claudia
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Found in welcoming Digbeth, Birmingham.

My favourite pub in Birmingham has shut its doors. Sad, sad times.

In November, this happened: 1. I fed a baby elephant. 2. A different baby elephant snuffled my foot. 3. I learnt that a former Socialist, Buddhist country makes for the kindest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. 4. I ate all kinds of incredible curry. 5. I read 4 books. Record.

1. I spent 3 gorgeous days by the seaside.

2. I saw some excellent ukelele playing.

3. I helped organise and host the National Young Planners Conference.

4. I worked pretty hard all month.

5. Ale Quest commenced.

As a beer drinker that almost exclusively drinks real ale, this pisses me off.


1. Food Critic

2. Knitting Designer

3. Florist

4. Counsellor

5. Arts and Crafts Shop Proprietor

Not one of those says “Private Sector Planner”. So why the hell am I doing it?

This genuinely gives me hope for the youth of today.

Gil & Adriana

And this was just wonderful fun.

Powerful score. Incredible performances. Stunning cinematography. Gobsmackingly beautiful. Devestatingly sad.

The greatest film I have seen in a very long time.